Young Ninjas USA

Company Overview

Young Ninjas is a fun, non-contact, introduction to martial arts for children ages 3-10.  Young Ninjas does not have a studio location.  Rather, we run classes on site, at preschools and elementary schools, after-school.  Led by our awesome sensei’s, classes pack huge amounts of fun and fitness in a creative, age appropriate, and non-competitive setting. While our ninja headquarters is located in Culver City, we work with many schools all over Los Angeles and the San Fernando valley.  

curriculum: Young Ninjas was created by a bunch of dudes with martial arts, fitness, and education backgrounds, to encourage children to move, play, and challenge themselves. Through age-appropriate and play based martial arts curriculum, our objective is to make a positive impact on each child, by introducing them to martial arts in a creative, fun, and non-competitive setting.

Students will learn new skills and valuable life lessons through positive reinforcement, instilling children with self-confidence.  C’mon, how cool!

Classes sessions are 8-10 weeks, offered once a week for 45 minutes or an hour. Most classes take place between 2-5pm, during the week. If you like working with kids, enjoy a part time and flexible schedule, and like having fun, Young Ninjas may be for you! 

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